Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hi All!  Today was supposed to be a guest post day, but I've been snowed under with work, moving, and a happy chaos.  Once we get through this week, we'll be getting some more regular content on here.  

I read a quote today, "Be like a duck.  Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath' -Michael Caine:)

As we head into Earth Day in the coming week, I will be sharing some great give aways on the blog which were donated by a few of my fave interior designer friends from across the country. Be sure to be looking for those. 

Meanwhile, my giveaway today is an autographed book, GREEN Interior Design, by author/designer Lori Dennis.  She's an interior designer extraordinaire, and HGTV personality.  She's beyond talented. 

And, while I was at Design Camp, I found her to be really hilarious, refreshing, truly authentic, as well as a huge inspiration for the green movement in Interior Design. 

Lori was recently invited to do a window at Legends of La Cienega {one of my favorite LA design events} so keep your eye out for some eye candy on that.  BTW, Lori's sister,  was also a design camp host as well.  She was a truly green delight and challenged me personally to become more green conscious too.   I'm not hugely green, but I am making little baby steps now.  We all have to start somewhere to make a difference, right?  

OKAY, NOW...  

To enter yourself in this giveaway, you must leave a comment here on the blog and name your favorite 'Green' product, 'GREEN' home project, or any type of 'walk in the forest' that made you feel 'GREEN' in a good way.  Winner to be announced after Earth Day. PSSST...Don't forget to like our Pickwick House facebook page and then also become a member of the blog! I'll be sharing some of my fave green things coming up on the blog. GO>GREEN>>>

Happy Hump DAy!



Lori Dennis said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! Do you need a signed copy to give away?

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Haha, Lori! I'm giving the one I bought at Camp away:) xxxx

Andrea said...

My favorite 'green' product would be using vinegar to clean. No need to have lots of chemicals in the house! :)

Danavee said...

I use a homemade concoction to clean my wedding water and baking soda!!! Is that green??

Unknown said...

Hi, I built a fence around my two raised gardens to keep the pups out. I made it by sticking Sassafras saplings around the perimeter about every 8", then weaving other sticks through them. It's so beautiful!

Unknown said...

I turn the lights off before I'm leaving a room! I try to get my hubster to do the same; hope he catches on!

Januray Jones @Online PhD in Education said...

What a great quote from Michael Caine. That would be ideal but personally, I am more of a paddle like the dickens and look like it type of person. Congratulations on coming up with more green concepts. I, like you, am trying to be more environmentally friendly and green conscious.

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