Friday, December 14, 2012

House Update

Well, it's the end of a productive week on the home 'front'.  Still a mess on the inside of the house, but I feel like it's time for a celebration because we finished the exterior front door!  Haha!  For those who live in the hood,  they will tell you that we've had a camping tent pitched outside for a while now.  We tell people that we live in the tent, not the house, which is sort of a running joke for those who like to tease us that we've been working more on the outside than the inside.  

I have been combing through my 2000 pictures on my iphone to try to find the original picture of the entrance to try to share it with you here, but I came up empty handed.  So, try to visualize that this paneled door was hiding behind a horribly flimsy, hunter green metal storm door {with a sliding screen attachment}.  Yes, very 80's and very ugly!  It was the first thing Will ripped off.  We wanted to  'let the inside door' SHINE, so to speak.  I just love the old paneled door, and original brass hardware and door knocker were worth keeping as well.   The outdoor lights that were on the house were a very small and bad 80's version of brass too.  Those are gone and we replaced every outdoor light with Robert Allen fixtures that were discontinued from Lowes.  Because they were discontinued, there were less than a handful of matching fixtures left at Lowes.  Not good, hence many trips to surrounding towns, {including into Arkansas} to pick up one and two here and there until we finally had enough to cover all the exterior lights.   
This door was a complete son of gun to strip.  I think I bought like 5 things of all natural stripper.  Bless Will's heart!
Stripped finally!
House painted in Benjamin Moore's "Dragonbreath"
Layers and Layers of thick lead paint.

Door Completed yesterday!  Benjamin Moore's "Fields of Gold" in oil-base high gloss
Once the door was done yesterday, I drove the kids over to see it because I couldnt stop thinking about it.  Funny thing is, Sylvia checked the mail slot first thing, and pulled out our first 'real mail'....A Christmas card from our family in Boise, Idaho.  That it made this day so special!
We had a fancy sign made to promote the business.
Sweet old mail slot.  And it's at just the right height for Sylvie's reach.
This is our current kitchen state.  As you can see, no Christmas tree or any decorations to this point this year but I'm not complaining.  Just so excited and grateful!
So, what do you think and what are you up to for the holidays?  I hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend with lots of holiday merriment!

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