Friday, June 29, 2012

Living and Life

Hi Sweet Summer Friends!

Via Pinterest 
I love this glass cabinet above.  We are working on having some similar looking moveable furniture custom made to put into a kitchen.

Via Pinterest 
I love this kitchen for the open shelving and classic lines and that viking hood and wolf range!

My interns, Robin, Sara, and Shelbi have been working hard to get my back room organized among other things. This clipboard wall of to-do's and projects is in the process being painted with black chalkboard paint so we can change project names under each clipboard.

Summer time is here and it always makes me a little sentimental for my own childhood days and .  I'm flooded with my mom memories right now and thinking on all the days of summer that were so structured with 3/4th work day and 1/4th fun.  We never got to go the pool unless the thermometer reading was 90+ degrees and it was only after we had completed painting some piece of furniture, hung the laundry out on the line, read a book, and prepped the evening meal that we were allowed to take off for a bit of time.

There is something about summer this year that has me thinking more about my own mortality.  Maybe it's turning 40.  Maybe it's having an 18 year old and a baby mixed with those "mom" memories.  

I'm reminded of the quote "Don't get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life."  

....So, on that note, I've been taking off a wee bit early lately to go do the following...

Decorating and rearranging with Will at our house.    

My Baby! So curious =) 
 Syl chose to wear her american astronaut suit to school one day this past week. She chose to go against her standard every day pink dress.  Even if the pink dress is dirty, she still wears it.
Instagram pic of sprinkler babies.

My 16 year old Louis is scoring an amazing goal here at State Cup.  Unfortunately the other team won by a one goal deflection off of us and ended up winning state cup.  Oh well, maybe next year.  It sure is fun to watch him play.

Charlie was in charge here for a pre-fourth sparkler fest.

Eleanor under her Grandma Carol's tree that was dedicated to Rountree Elementary after she passed away.  It was Eleanor's idea to have her picture taken here.  Talk about tear jerking me!

Well, back to work this am, but are you taking time off to slow down and enjoy life this summer?  I hope so!  Happy early 4th from all of us here at Pickwick House!!



Unknown said...

Sharon! I love this post!!! I think most working women need to read this and truly take inventory of their have always inspired me in design, and now, in life...great post!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you so much. I am happy if I can inspire in some little way. Although I have to say it's other women who constantly inspire me daily!!

Happy Saturday!

StagerLinda said...

Very touching and inspirational post. The pictures of you kids are wonderful.

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