Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hop and a Skip!

Hi all!  With the change of seasons, we also have a new change of address on the home front.  Gulp.  AND.  Gulp.

I haven't quite come to terms with it because for those of you who know me, I've always lived here on Pickwick and in Rountree.  It's home.  Where I grew up.  And it's where I have raised all my kiddos to this point.  Mom and dad even blessed me with this house {910} before they both passed; which is right next door to where they raised nine of us kids, which is now currently my brother's family.

But the one bath and 2 closets is what it all boils down to.  It had me and all of us feeling a bit anxious.  The house is sweet, and homey but not so convenient for a family with four bouncing kids and teen boys. So, we're now moving from one family compound to another...Arnold's to the Lampe's.   A 'hop' of the pond, if you will.  Well, more like 'hopping over the Phelps Grove Park water run off'.  {Less than 2 minutes away.}

To this.... 'a little diamond in the rough'.  We got SO very lucky {thanks to Will's good charm}.  I am happy that we will now have three baths, SEVEN closets, a mudroom, a 2 car garage {with a driveway!!!!}, a 'play area' loft above the garage, a high ceilinged basement, a master suite balcony, mostly all original everything {hardware, door knobs, 5 paneled doors, a special mail slot, milk man's entrance, a sweet little telephone cubby in the wall} a stair case {which we've never had} a second lot as a yard, and lots and lots of elbow grease to boot!

I hope to journal the progress here, but meanwhile, you might want to check my regular snippet posts on instagram.  Will has been a working machine. I've never seen him more motivated to a create a display of sorts for 'what we do' as well as a life long home for our family.  I have to snap him out of 'the zone' on occasion because he'd be scrubbing in his sleep if he could.  Meanwhile I watch the babies, order paint, and pizzas and try to help where I can after my work day is done.  I should mention that Mimi Lampe's home will be right behind ours and our properties will be one big playground.  Another bonus.

Before we touched the house, it should have been on the Hoarders show for certain, but I do have to hand it to the previous owners, because underneath the mounds and mounds of stuff/trash and dirt, the historic integrity of the house was left in tact {for which we are pretty, pretty thankful for indeed}.

At the rate Will is going, we'll be in by Christmas:)

Hope this finds you all well.  We hope to have a house warming party once the dust settles.  In the meantime, feel free to stop by if you see us on University, or give us a ring if you need any thing for your own home or party or business or landscaping needs.  {Haha!  In order to spend money on this new house, we'll need to earn some money too!!}



jc@leolas said...

Sharon: Miss seeing you. Are you ever in Pickwick House? So happy for you and your new house. I keep in touch through your photos--what a wonderful family.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Jan! Miss seeing you too. I'm usually in the back office at Pickwick House. Knock loudly if you're ever in the area. OR call. Would love to see you soon. xxxx

Rachel said...

It's gorgeous, Sharon - congrats!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

My Crafty Home Life said...

So exciting! Mazel as they say. As long as it is filled with love, it will all work out. Oh, and your daughter's fabulous baking.

Lindsey Buchholz said...

Congratulations! So happy for you and your family! Finding a house seems so exciting! It is beautiful :)

Avonna said...

I love your "old" homes, the current one and the one that you grew up in. I walked with my 10 yr old niece this evening and told her about the big family and the son that bought the house. History is great and I am happy that you found a new "old" home. Can't wait to see "before" and "after" pics of your new home! P.S. I live behind you on Weller, I am not a stalker, LOL.

jc@leolas said...

It's Judy, but that's ok:-)

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Lol Judy. Sorry. Thanks everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been able to publish and reply til now. You all are too too kind. I appreciate all of your well wishing! And Avonna, your comments are touching to me. I'm glad to have you as a neighbor!

drooz doodles said...

just found your blog from a pic on pinterest! loving it! we just purchased an 1896 colonial farmhouse that we are renovation - fun to see your progress! what is your instrgram name?? i searched - but nothing came up! thanks!

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