Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Dreaming + Scheming

Hi there.  Believe it or not, I'm back to being a somewhat narrative decorator again {for today anyway}.  My posts have been occasional and few lately because frankly, I'm swamped with work and managing all the things that come along with the biz.   I don't know where to begin on updates.  It hurts to think about the amounts of things we have under our belt.

We do have three new interns at Pickwick House that I'm thrilled to have this summer.   They've been extremely helpful in helping me update Pickwick House internally and externally.  I will be introducing them to you soon.

Things I am loving right now...

Sun drenched light and a good, cold frappe from Boca Mocha.  I'm SOOO happy to say we found the time to shoot that great little coffee/cafe shop #commercial space that we designed over a year ago.  Scott Cotton Photography

While it's hot out there, I really do dream of days where I can lounge by the pool and read a leisurely good book without the interruptions.  In the mean time, while my business is taking baby steps and strides forward, I am taking small bites out of this book below....

The Business of Design book by Keith Granet.  It's teaching me much-much about balancing creativity and profitability.  

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