Wednesday, September 14, 2011

thank you

I need these fans.  Not for any events necessarily....but so I can thank and "fan" all of you for being so sweet to me these past few days.  I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you.   

The open house was this past weekend and it was great to see everyone that stopped in.  We had most visitors in on Saturday...but here's my very first customer.  Charlotte Collier.  The sweetest, spunkiest, classiest 90 something year old lady. She's got it together more than anyone else I know. She wanted to hold Jack immediately upon walking in the door.  It was so cute.  I think she was pretty sold on him.  {Notice the sign behind her.} 

Counting my blessings.  I have way too many to count.  How about you?  

This huge chalkboard was just given to me for free by a nice flea market vendor I recently friended.  Who gives things like that away?  That in itself is a blessing.  

My intern hung tons of charms, old clock faces, and odd objects from this tree we arranged in the front window for the fall open house.  The charms are only $2 each.  I've sold a few of those, but still have many left for those of you unable to stop in this past weekend.  They'd make great charms for necklaces,  funky napkin rings, key chains, or even a rear view mirror little thing. The windows are going to get some more dressing up here in the next few weeks.  Be sure to watch for some new creations.  

I hosted the monthly Met Bride bridal vendor luncheon here at Pickwick House on Tuesday.  We used an all monochromatic color scheme of black, white, silver, and gold.   About 20 vendors came.  I love Met Bride.  And the community of vendors we have here in Springfield is really great.  

Here's an "in the works" buffet set up I pulled together that morning.  All different shapes, sizes, and finishes of mirrors for the back drop behind buffet.  By the way...I just discovered a new LOVE.  An alternative to a table cloth.  Shiny black patent leather vinyl. No sewing needed.  Just a few yards covered this 8 foot long table.  It's sleek, chic, easy to wipe down, no wash or iron needed.  PERFECT for a Halloween party or a chic Holiday party.  Super cheap too.  It kinda draws me back to kindergarten where I remember one of our school supplies was called an "oil" cloth.  Does anyone else remember this?

Ta-Da!!...Notice the spread of food arrived...but I did not cook the food.  The Traveling Chef brought yummy stuff.

How's your week going?  I hope it's a smorgasbord of good things.  


If you'd like to make your house into an inviting home, please call me or come see me.  

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pve design said...

Let's hear it for spunky women and babies!
Looks lovely. Thanks for your last comment.
You are such a sweetie!

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