Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Friday

Howdy there.  Are you enjoying spring?  These days and nights have been dreamy, huh?  The weather couldn't be any more perfect.  It's days like these that make me intensely wish I was a stay at home mom.

Here are the things I'd do if I had a free friday:

1.  Look through old Cottage Living magazines and design books while sitting on my front porch with my baby.  Then go for a leisurely walk and end up at my sisters house to let Sylvia play with all her cousins.

2.  Dream about creating an outdoor space for my very own as amazing as this one above.  Can you imagine sipping wine and hanging out in this space?!!  That latticed fretwork gable!  The pendant light!  The depth of the bed!

3.  If I had enough time on my free friday, I'd love to go to a nursery and pick out some boxwood to fill some old urns for my back porch, and the storefront. Do you not just love this storefront's amazing awning and drapery above?  Notice the door has a handwritten note taped to it...I imagine my note would say something like, TAKIN A SPRING VACAY DAY.  Sometimes a day off is just what one needs!

How are you soaking up spring?  I hope you find your leisure spot to be exhilarating, uplifting, inspiring, and full of the sweet smell of lilacs.

(all photos sourced thru pinterest}



Kim said...

loving all these spring inspirations! We hung awnings on the back of our house last year and I love them!! I am hoping for more boxwoods this summer too!!

Kim said...

I am in such an outdoor mood lately ... the weather is just not quite ready for me. These rooms are gorgeous and I can only dream!!

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