Thursday, October 6, 2011

Inspirations + Mom + Family + Client Progress

Hi ALL!!  I haven't blogged in a while.  I'm still trying to find the balance of work and new baby on Pickwick Street.   I admit that I really could handle a full time job of canoodle-schmoodling this good, sweet baby all day long.  Here's a snapshot of the 100% juice box.

                                                          Jack has grown 4 inches in 6 weeks!  

Loosening the seat belt straps this time hasn't been so easy for me.  Partly because I'm sad that he's the last one + the old saying, ... "They grow SO fast"... but mostly because Sylvie stuck her a.b.c. gum inside the mechanics of the lever on the baby car seat. Gum hardened that now it requires a hard-press-down from a screw driver every day or so that Jack grows again.

Sylvie, Raleigh, and Payton 
Sylvie was a flower girl this past weekend for her uncle Michael and aunt Gabby's wedding.  She did a good job throwing the petals down, but refused a bath beforehand because she was a little obsessed with these older girls.

In the swirly whirl of the things going on in my office:

Can't wait to use this AMAZING chair for another office design!  Just scored this off the truck of one of my favorite vendors.  Chocolate Upholstery with GOLD legs = Truffle Delight.

Sneak Peek of Client Progress:  an old pedestal table in it's primer coat before it gets a pickle finish.  Thomasville Chairs are being reupholstered in a beautifully worn turquoise leather.

My big boys are finishing up their own busy soccer season this month and Eleanor just had her senior pictures taken.  Eeek.  Yes, they do grow fast.

I feel very lucky + happy with all my loves around.

I'm going to leave you with one more love.  This interior inspiration from Veranda's recent "House of Windsor".  The room is sheer perfection to me.  The windows letting in the light and I love the mostly white restraint, but not overly minimal.  The vintage chairs are what make it.  Wish I knew what kind they were.  Any one know?

I hope to start blogging more regularly and also, I hope you have a wonderfully, pretty Friday!!



Avonna said...

me with big camera and lens this AM,
you across the street with flier.

Hope I didn't startle you!

Love your blog!

livin' on Weller

Bri said...

aww, he's such a cutie-pie :)

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