Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Sixteen Settee

Happy Friday!

Remember how we started a room makeover for Eleanor a while back? Well, that was four months ago. All progress basically stopped after that overly-ambitious post.

No specific reason for slacking. Just waiting for inspiration, I suppose. And now that we have Easter under our jelly-belly shoes and belts, I'm reminded that we should set some little candies out for sweet, sweet, Eleanor, who will be Sweet Sixteen in a little over a month! {Please feel free to e-mail me and tell me I don't look old enough to be a mom of a sixteen year old.} Note: I had someone ask me if Sylvie was my grand-daughter.

Design Notes I've Taped to My Forehead {a sign of stubbornness, not my age!}: It's not my room. It's hers. Eleanor knows exactly what she wants!

I took Eleanor flea marketing today. She wants a mix of colorful, modern, and vintage. I showed her a few things I'd seen while out sourcing for other projects I'm working on. What I didn't expect us to find, was this gorgeous Marie Antoinette settee. $100 bucks!!! + the cost of a case of Febreeze. We're not sure how it will fit into her tiny bedroom, but she said it is going to go in her room, no matter what.

Things Eleanor Has for the Room So Far: "The Sweet Sixteen Settee". Freshly painted "Shaker Gray" Walls. A Dusty/Steel blue tufted headboard. A West-Elm-ish looking bed that is painted black{Will built}, and a retro desk painted "Vanity Pink". All in all, we've got a lot of frou-frou that needs to just sit back down a little bit to let some more modern pieces take to the floor.

Things We Are Looking For:
Eleanor knows she wants a modern rug, and art on her walls. A colorful bedspread, and a modern floor lamp that swoops over her as she reads all the time.

Eleanor's Wish List:
Marjorie Skouras Chandelier {this is actually on my wish list for her room...she's never seen it! Where's the tape?}
A Fiona Curran "Fantastic Journey" Rug: Inspired by 19th Century French Wallpaper

So what do you all think? I'll post pictures of the actual room as we make progress. Any suggestions on where to find some really cool rugs that don't cost like $8,000?

What do you have planned for the weekend? We're picnicking at the park with all of my siblings' families. I can't wait to see all my nieces and nephs!

Ta-Ta for now!!


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