Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Over the Easter Hump

I I hope you had a some great holidays. We had a swell Easter. I had to share all these teens to toddlers on Easter. This line-up of cousins is Sylvie, Mabel, Albert, Ralph, Birdie, and Goldie {just six of the twenty first cousins}. It seems to be an ever growing problem to get us all together for a family shot. Sylvie's bow lasted all but about two seconds...with the help of a strawberry distraction. Stella, my niece, and Eleanor make picture taking really effortless. Our day was filled with wonderful family time and beautiful weather.

Working a little this week on finishing up undone tasks and a few design dilemmas that were thrown my way. Good Friday was followed by a bad Monday, but that's all in the past...


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