Monday, August 9, 2010

The Latest Wave + A Fave Thing

You may have heard about the bubbling controversy over the spread in September's Vogue Italia issue. A fashion shoot set amidst the oil spill. Even if you've had your fill of hearing about the oil spill... I still want to ask what your thoughts are about the tragedy being used in this way? Good or bad?

{BTW, my sis, Julie Blackmon is featured in that same issue.}

While we're on the subject of the earth....I have been thinking about the use of globes and maps for a design project. Maps, globes, and blueprints have always intrigued me. They've been gracing a lot of design magazines over the past few years...but I still never tire of them!! To me, the ones that get me are the maps that are enlarged or used in mass collections. Ever seen a globe collection en masse? They look so stunning and don't you just love how they evoke a sense of great adventure?

I'd like to try a different take on the traditional globe colors {as in a painted mural}. I have been fixated on the idea of painting a mural of just the black and white globe, but thought it might seem too "oil-spillish" and dark for an interior. I still might create the b&w for my own Halloween costume using an old sheet and draping it over my head. Maybe pull out the hot glue gun and glue the Vogue Italia cover girl onto the waves too. I always wanted to be a cover girl. *Sigh

Do any of you collect globes and/or maps? If you do, I love you. Seriously, I do. I think globes and maps, especially globes, are one of my fave things to see and touch. I don't really like dusting them, though.

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!



Julie~ My Bella Home said...

I find it intriguing, how can it be bad to shoot photos?

RachelDenbow said...

I have about ten vintage globes in the house at the moment, most of which are grouped onto my daughter's wardrobe. I love school themed vintage but globes are my favorite!

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