Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inspirations for Play

Oh, my! Love this quaint little camper. Now, that's what I call a Happy Camper...way more anti-depressing than playing pretend in a plastic or cardboard playhouse/princess castle.

I'm planning some kids spaces right now, and it's easy for me to go back to what I daydreamed and loved doing as a kid. I remember being obsessed with the Boxcar Children. I thought it seemed so fun to nest in a little boxcar w/a cold running creek to serve as a makeshift/diy fridge.

I was also in love with stage and musicals {love this mural painting of a stage}. In our house, the record player blared musicals all the time. Annie was nonstop for a good two years, until the brothers made it disappear by burying it in the compost pile.

...But I have some pretty fond memories of reeling in my sisters and cousins to run out to the front yard to critique our own renditions. We'd stand on our "stage" of a three foot ledge {a retaining wall} and we'd each act out every single Annie song. Prizes awarded to best peformance.

Just took in a new piece to Staxx {pictured here}. It's a newly up-cycled secretary in one of my favorite minty-teal colors. Wish I had the before picture, you'd moan if you saw how mucky- brown it was.

Oh, and today is my son, Charles Camp Taylor's, 11th birthday. You know something ironic?... I just realized I posted a camper up there on my blog today. We sometimes call Charlie, Charlie Camper. I dedicate the happy camper to you, today, Charlie Camp.

Have a great day, everybody!


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